We foster collaborative health partnerships.


A new approach to health

Katrime works to find sustainable, effective solutions to health inequities by providing collaborative public health consulting. Through applicable research that works beyond the silo’d approach, Katrime addresses the distal determinants of health, such as the environment, employment, the neighbourhood you live in rather than the proximal mechanisms of illness, such as disease prevalence or outcomes.

Applicable research

We work collaboratively

Katrime’s drive for positive sustainable change is born from a foundation of collaborative partnerships where community members, and/or those most impacted, are the drivers of the change. Katrime draws on the expertise and experience of its extensive global network, including lawyers, scientists, physicians, biostatisticians, engineers, veterinarians, and human rights specialists, to effect change.  

Sustainable solutions

We challenge paradigms

Katrime’s strength comes from being adaptable to constantly changing environments and evidence, pushing the boundaries of current approaches to health to find sustainable solutions. Katrime understands that improving health and reducing injustice is not about “more” or “better,” it is about “different”.   

Global health

We understand that global is local and local is global 

Katrime addresses health through creating environments that enable communities to thrive. Our holistic approach to health focuses on asset-based solutions with an understanding that those affected are key to the solution. Katrime has successfully worked using this approach in places such as Guatemala and Kenya, and in Canada with Indigenous communities and smallholder family farmers.